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Friday, 27 March 2009

The All-New "Cook With Derek" Show - COMING SOON!

Hey there guys.

I'm damn bored and well....I thought about making this series of videos in which I fail to cook stuff. I'm pretty tired of gaming and I also find it incredibly difficult to keep up to date with the online madness so I've decided to do something easier for me and hopefully even better for you guys. I should start making videos for this brand-new series as soon as I think of what to cook first. And of course, you can ask me what to cook too but I'm sure I won't do a great job of it :P

One more thing, I am not going to stop making walkthroughs, I repeat, I am NOT gunna stop!
I'm just gunna change to something else for a while and I'll continue with my walkthroughs soon.

Plus the holidays are a week away so I guess then is my best chance to game like hell so I'll probably upload a lot of crap.

Till then,


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