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Friday, 25 March 2011

It's Friday Friday Friday....

So pretty much a year has gone by and I have made completely no attempt to update this shitty blog. Apologies.

It's just too much fuckin' effort to log-in and post meaningless posts (or rants) which at the end of the day is only read by myself (and perhaps JohnnyDFox as he enjoys reading crap such as this to improve his literary skills).

What has happened?
Nothing much. Trying to get ripped but failing a bit. I also started a new channel with a bunch of highschool mates. It's crazy to compare it to Machinima but you can think of it as a mini-Machinima. We hope to make it big. What's it called? Won't tell you until everything is set to launch.

My PC got blue screen of death about two months ago and I lost completely everything. From important photos (of naked women? What naked women?) to the months of coding I had came up with single-handedly to launch my UrbanGamers communal website. With no sort of luck, I lost all my work. But.... I do have the website backed up on one of those free server sites which I used for testing purposes. So if I'm lucky and still manage to remember my log-in details to the server, then maybe I could retrieve the coding (although not the most recent version).

Other than that, I'm bangin' out Call of Duty Black Ops and enjoying Minecraft (although the spiders in the game piss me off).

Hmm.... nothing else really. It was Johnny's birthday 4 days ago so happy birthday to him. As a present, go and torture him until he makes videos again.

There's a cool new MMORPG you should check out called Rift, so go play it. I'm saving up for Crysis 2 at the moment cause it seems to be the only GOOD first-person shooter that has been released in the last 6 months. Easily...

That's it. I won't finish off my Kick-Ass and South Park season review cause I can barely remember what happened in each episode and don't remember much about Kick-Ass (apart from the general outline of the film).


And by the way, it's Friday. Check this awesome song out *sarcasm*:

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Kick-ass and a bunch of other movies...

...were viewed by moi.

Let's start off with the main highlight:

Kick-ASS. Doesn't the title speak for itself?
Okay, lets start off. Kick-ass is awesome. Kick-ass is funny. Kick-ass is kick ass!
What originally was a comic not many heard about (or at least I didn't) was re-created into an epic movie directed by Matthew Vaughn, who is a British director - he has made us guys proud.

The story is about Dave (Aaron Johnson), who also turns out to be British, and how he's obsessed with comic books. He's unpopular in college and falls under the "geeks" faction. He has two mates who also are into comics. The one thing he wonders is why superheroes exist in fiction but not in reality. You don't require powers just like Batman - the thing is Bruce Wayne is fuckin' rich, Dave is just a middle-class guy. It finally becomes a hero, rather stupidly, known as Kick-ass. He goes around fightin' crime and on his first experience gets shanked hard by some thugs. He luckily survives but he had to get his dad to not know about his double identity - and ends up naked at hospital. From there onwards, people spread rumours about him being gay. However, he is in love with Katie (Lyndsy Fonseca), who still thinks Dave is gay. They become friends since Katie feels sorry for Dave due to his sexuality. Meanwhile, Damon Macready (Nicolas Cage) aka Big Daddy, is training his daughter to become a superhero herself. His daughter is Mindy aka Hit-Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz), who I absolutely love due to her swag. She isn't the average girl who's into ponies and barbie dolls - she's the sort of person who utters a naughty word in every sentence and goes around carrying a knife.


Sunday, 21 March 2010

Happy Birthday JohnnyDFox - Chicken Hunt

Hey guys,

Been playing a lot of Runescape today.
As most of my fans and haters might know, I was completely hooked to cutting down virtual trees and killing green midgets for two entire weeks (i.e. Runescape) about a few months ago and kept informing the fans of the legendary JohnnyDFox. Then I was distracted by a lot of work and ended up giving up on it.

Today, I was so bored and didn't know what to do with my time so decided to log-in to Runescape and go kill some more giant rats with AIDs. That said, I did but the awkward thing is that I played at around 3AM in the morning, so that is indeed, quite fucked up.

I started off doing basic stuff like fishing and killing goblins, then finishing off by looting stuff. I made about 400 coins of cash within 20 minutes. I then spent some time cutting down trees since its my favourite hobby on Runescape. I tried to cut the bigger trees but I had to be stronger in the tree-cutting field, so worked my way through the crappy trees, and still am.

Surprisingly, not many were online but I was quite surprised that there were a few retarded users with no lives at all. They were literally up in the morning cooking chicken. Damn. Why would I miss out on the fun? I decided to rant about how "no-lived" they were and then finally joined them all for a giant chicken hunt which basically involved 5 of the guys to go out into the woods (one of them were me), and cut as much wood as possible and then bring it back to the meeting point, then light it up with fire. The remaining five or six people were off to the local barns to kill some cross-eyed chickens. We cooked 'em all and ate it.

I decided to ditch them when I found out that they were gonna then go on a beef hunt. After all, Indians dont eat beef so fucked off somewhere else. I magically ended up running to a forest full of tramps, or what they were called as "wizards". I killed about 3 of them and got loads of EXP. I wasted more time ogling at some of the pixelized chicks. The one big mistake I made was start a conversation with a guy. I thought it was a woman and it turned out to be a man. Thats the problem with Runescape, a zoom-in function would be awesome. Unfortunately, the game lacks this feature unlike other popular MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft which is kick-ass.

I then went off to kill more goblins and steal the money they had. I then went to kill some giant spiders who had money on 'em. What the hell do spiders do with money? Buy drugs at the General store?

And by the way, its JohnnyDFox's birthday today so you better treat him good and say fucken "happy birthday" to him. And also give him some presents or else. This long post was my personal gift to Johnny. And the fact that I typed all of it at 3 in the morning shows my affection towards Johnny, the great one.


Friday, 8 January 2010

South Park Season 10 Review

Just planned to do a review of this season of South Park, an animated series created for adult audiences. This season contains 14 episodes and I fortunately managed to grab a coppy for £4.99 at Tesco. I shall do a detailed review of each episodes, give it a rating and then give the season an overall score. If this turns out to be well-enjoyed by the very few who visit my blog, I shall continue to post more reviews for South Park and other films/TV shows.

Now on to the main course:

South Park - Episode #01 - "The Return of Chef"

Chef, a beefy African American who used to work as the chef for South Park Elementary, had left South Park in search of "adventure". He therefore ended up joining a group called the Super Adventure Club. And now in this episode, he has returned to South Park. The boys learn that in fact, this group explores the entire world...seems reasonable, right?
What if I said that these bastards explore the world MOLESTING CHILDREN!!?

Exactly, so Chef has been brainwashed by these bastards (who sound like British guys, are the creators implying British people such as me are molesters!?), and he returns to South Park. He starts singing all these disturbing songs about wanting to make love with the children in South Park. So the brave three, along with the fatass, go to get some answers from SAC.

I personally found this episode to be a smashing way to start off the new season. It's a great episode and contains plenty of laughs. It's very satisfying and the whole idea of molesting kids seems so stupid (and thats a good thing!!) so on the whole, the episode is great.

However, the episode had a crappy ending and a good ending. In other words, something crappy happened but they finished it off with an amusing style. They did something I can't really forgive them for but there was a cliffhanger so lets just hope that not everything is lost.

This episode is awared a:
8.6 out of 10

South Park - Episode #02 - "Smug Alert!"
Kyle's dad, Gerald Broflovski (the Jew) is getting all smug about his new Hybrid.
He feels really big-headed about himself because he his contributing towards the reduction of pollution. In result, his friends are also asked to drive Hybrids by Gerald but they refuse to drive Hybrids and Stan's dad insults him that he is such an "I-love-the-environment"-alist, that he loves to smell his own farts. When Kyle finds out, he is deeply sad since he would have to leave his town and friends. His mates (apart from Cartman, since he is an anti-Jew guy) feel sad too.

Gerald gets all moody and plans to leave the town and go to San Francisco where people actually respect others and drive Hybrids to keep the world clean. Gerald does move and adapts to the San Francisco lifestyle. They are so concerned about the safety of the environment that the guys in SA actually smell their farts!! It's more like SNORTING their farts cause they do it with such a force.

Soon everyone in South Park realise that they must drive Hybrids and all of them get so smug about it. Due to this, their "smugness" has polluted the air and a "smug-storm" is on the way to destroy the town with "smugginess". How the rest of the boys manage to stop smug alert forms the climax of this episode

I personally didn't enjoy this episode that much. It lacked humour. The fart snorting was disgusting after a while and the main story wasn't anything special. However, an eco warrior would've awarded this episode for creativity and also for awaring the viewers about the environment except in a different style. Best that you just skip this episode.

This episode gets:
4.3 out of 10


Sunday, 3 January 2010

Avatar - Movie Review

Hey guys,

I've made it my goal to post as much crap as I can on my blog.
Anyway, I'm eatin' Pizza now. It's kind of nasty, I hate Pizza. The quality is just plain shit nower days. I remember back before 2005 when pizza was superb. It was flawless and tasted delicious.
Now there's a shit load of yeast inside that the first thing that crossess my mind after havin' a bite is crap. Yeah, it fucks with your stomach, this pizza. And I bought it from Pizza Go Go, so NEVER try their pizzas out.

As for life, everything is pretty awesome. Well, in my previous post, I did say I'd review Avatar which I watched the day before 2K10, which was 31 Dec 2009.

Avatar Movie Review

It is the first film I was gonna watch in 3D and I had HUGE hopes. I had hopes of entering a whole new universe and being drowned within its realms for as long as I could. There was a Cadbury ad before the start of the film, and it was awesome. This rock head thing just came out so close and started spinnin' about, and this made me feel all pumped up cause this was proper 3D. Guess what, there was NO proper 3D moments in the film. It sucked. Even if the film had an awesome story and was flawless, I'd still fuckin' hate it cause it didn't have 3D moments.

Okay, so graphically no big whup. I've seen video games with better graphics. The CGI looks so fake. Any of you seen King Kong? I watched that film in 2D and I was shit scared. The giant monkey looked so freakin' REAL. So was the dinosaur it made lov- war to. Then the giant sloppy slugs too. But this film was a huge dissapointment. I mean James Cameron, the guy behind kick-ass Terminator 2, ended up makin' this pile of shit now, even when there are so many technical improvements in the industry.

The colours are very bright and varied. Yeah, it does look pretty cool I guess. The forest was pretty cool and quite detailed. Everything about the environments were awesome cause it looked super-detailed and pretty realistic. The blue guys who looked clearly fake kind of took away the realness of the surroundings.

The story. It's about this army of Americans who want to get some sort of crystal crap precious to them from this planet called Pandora. However, Pandora is the habitat of blue-skinned, tall-ass creatures. They send this disabled guy along with a woman and this Avatar geek who knows loads of shit about the creatures and Pandora to enter these artificial bodies of the blue-skinned creatures through this machine which transports them to the world in which the other tall creatures live. The disabled guy is the protagonist and he has to try and get the trust of the creatures and learn of their ways. Then he reports all the behaviours of the creatures, what he has found out and stuff to this commander dude. However, he meets a woman-creature (well a blue-skinned, tall lassy) and she introduces him to the rest of the tribe. He has to pass several tests and shit to become one of the creatures and slowly he starts to like the woman who is training him to become a blue-skinned, tall-ass warrior like the rest of them. When he finally passes, he has to choose a woman to mate with and he picks the woman he likes who also likes him and they have sex for a few seconds and then the Americans strike and the disabled guy wants to save the Pandorians and betrays the Americans and goes away with the woman and geek as well as a sexy chick pilot who is a friend of the disabled guy and fly away from the main base. The woman, disabled guy and geek enter the machines and enter the Pandora world in the form of a creature and then try to help the Pandorians and the disabled-guy says he worked for the Americans and his blue-skin girlfriend's brother finds out and they fight and then they make up and say sorry and then plan to fight back. The commander dude does a shit load of damage to Pandora and finally there is an epic battle at the end.

The plot might sound awesome but it's a sort of cliched style.

Really, it's a pretty good film but I was pissed cause I paid extra to watch in 3D and there was only a few moments when stuff actually came out of the screen. However, if your not too bothered about 3D and wanna watch a decent film, check Avatar out. I personally feel that the decade-worth work and shit load of cash used had gone to waste cause it wasn't 3D-satisfying but otherwise it's an alright film.

The film deserves a 6 out of 10.

Anyway, 2010 is here so the next film I wait for has to be Toy Story 3!!
I hope its just as kick ass as the previous 2 films.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New 2010 Guys!!
First post of the year.
I also watched Avatar in 3D yesterday (31st Decemeber 2009).
A review of the film to be submitted soon.

Hope you guys had a great 2009 and the upcoming year is just as great.
A lot of movies and video games await this fantastic year so lets start it off with a BOOM!

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Party Over!?

I held a huge party over at my house.
It was great, especially the booze.
It was a Christmas party so I had to invite my parents, my parents' friends, who have kids, as old as me :P

But the real thing was so we could gather up and have a fun time.
Me, some of the younger kids and all the older kids (2 of them) watched the film The Haunting of Connecticut, weird-ass name if you ask me and the movie sucked.

We were gonna watch Paranormal Activity but one of the older girls insisted since she found it too creepy, and she judged it by the TRAILER.

Anyway, unusually, I got up at 8:40 AM today and everyone else was still asleep.
It was a great night but now since its over, sucks. I also re-positioned my brand new computer near my TV so I can record using Dazzle now and also bridge connections to get XBOX Live.

I don't know what to do at the moment though. Just had a big glass of Coca Cola and now am in hyper-mode, so I actually feel awake.

It's nice and bright outside, weirdly since it's Winter time. The gravel in the garden looks all stained so I'm assuming it was either raining or some drooling aliens showed up. Possibly the rain since it was raining yesterday.

That's about it really. I'd probably now go and edit some videos of GUN since it's been shit long since I uploaded a video. What was meant to be a 2 week project has now become a 6 week project. I wanna get it done before the 18th so I can get started on something different.
Let's see how it goes.