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Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Lost @ McDonalds

Since I had the day off, I decided to go to McDonalds with my homies.
And yeah, I did make it. Took five £2 coins which is a total of £10 (if you fail at maths) and then travelled by foot. After 2 long hours of trying to find a shortcut to McDonalds, we finally made it.

After I bought a Big Mac, Medium Fries, Chocolate Muffin, Apple Pie and a large Coke, we continued. My mate Jay942942 suggested going to the cinema. Since I was nearly broke, I decided to ditch 'em and they headed to watch I believe either 2012 or Planet 51.

Since I didn't know that well around the area I was in, I took wrong turns and looked for landmarks I remember noticing when approaching McDonalds.

Finally I made it back home about 40 minutes later with a massive headache and blisters on my feet. I was sweating hard on a perfectly cold, Winter's day.

Anyway, I enjoyed the day and now am spending the time on Facebook socialising whilst listening to music and typing this.

Later, I'm probably gonna do some more GTA IV Trophy hunting.


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