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Monday, 2 November 2009

Mah Halloween Experience

Well guess what, Halloween just went by and I didn't even know.
I even bought myself a new mask and planned to go around getting sweeties as well as stealing sweets from the smaller kids by scaring them with my fake moustache.

Anyway, instead I spent the time watching stuff and playing stuff. I got up at 6AM roughly (I set my alarm) and got ready, went downstairs and played The Ballad of Gay Tony till 9AM. Then I felt dead tired so planned to go for a little drive. My mom asked me to get some eggs anyway (I was staying with my parents for the last week and a bit) so I went down to Tesco which is a half hour drive away. There was a Sainsburys nearby but I decided to waste more time whilst my dad was at home, sulking about having no breakfast to eat. I got the eggs, a 6-pack of the cheap Tesco brand cola (weirdly enough it was only cheaper than official Cola by 15 pence) but yet I got it. I also bought some DVDs for some unknown reason. I purchased South Park Season 9 as well as The Simpsons Classics which had 4 episodes on it. I also then bought "My Bloody Valentine" which was a crap film.

I watched pretty much everything. When I got to Episodes 7 of South Park I got tired of it so watched The Simpsons and got it all done. Then I watched "My Bloody Valentine" and skipped a few bits cause it was pointless trash. Then my mom wanted to watch some stuff about houses and crap so I spent time finishing some work in my office (the toilets upstairs).

There was gonna be a farewell party so we left at like 8 or 9 PM and made it there within half an hour luckily due to no traffic. The food was alright but otherwise an average night. Made it back home at 12:30AM roughly, and then just watched an extra episode of South Park and went to bed, forgetting that I'd have to get up earily in the morning to finish some important work. So I ended up getting up at 7AM (Actually it's 8AM but there was an hour change, which is good cause it felt longer) and drove off to my friend's house to finish these accounting crap.

Anyway, after I got that done I went back home.


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