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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

New Website!

Hey there guys!
You might've noticed I've added my Soul Punch videos to my website and it's set out in a new style.
I kinda have a few errors but hope to get it fixed soon when I'm not lazy but I am still working hard.

By creating a brand-new webiste.
Yep, I've been in partnership and association with a well known friend of mine called ISWalkthroughs and me and JohnnyDFox (my other mate) have agreed to create a similar site to except possibly better.

ISWalkthroughs runs on a PHP powered forum which enables all users to directly upload their videos from their PC to the server which then later gets transferred to the main site. The crew and I have still be looking for good solutions on how to get this site done in a good way.

The site is gunna launch in mid-April 2009 so that isn't that long but should be enough to get a well-designed and powerful site created.



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