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Friday, 3 April 2009

Total Overdose - A Gunsliger's Tale in Mexico


I freakin' love it so bloody much!
It's a flippin' brilliant game and I just got it yesterday for a fiver. Got it on the XBOX and my sister's been yellin' at me for spending too long on it. I seriously think this game is awesome.
I've got through the first five or six missions and continue to play so. It's never been so fun to be a mexican.
What is the game about?
Well you play as this cool Mexican dude called Ramiro "Ram" Cruz who is a criminal but is later assigned to take the role of a DEA agent. It has a very Western feel to it and thats one of the reasons why this game looks so fresh and good.
I love thr graphics, they are so awesome. This game came out like in 2007 or something and it did well graphically. It looked so great when playing it and everything is damn-well textured especially on the XBOX version which I have it on.
So great...
It also has a real cool slow-motion thing to it to enter this bullet-time thingy where you can perform this combo thingies to get thingies. In other words you can walk across walls (OMFG! HOW REALISTIC!!!) and shoot the crap out of 'em bad guys.
Anyway, I also noticed the game has a very "rascist" style....oh well, I ain't Mexican so I don't care :P
I might later upload a gameplay video if I can.


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