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Monday, 6 April 2009

Leisure Suit Larry Series!

Well I was cleaning up my attic and came across a selection of some old classics I enjoyed playing as a kid.

The Leisure Suit Larry series. All this time I only had the fifth one installed on my computer since first when I got the game in 2001 but the rest were up in my attic.

I came across the VGA remake of the first one and also Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love for Sail! which was simply the best in the series.

I've completed the first game and it took me only about 2 hours. Now I'm going through the 7th game and only got through the first 10 minutes and just now saved the game to play later since I'm tired.

Okay, that's all and I'm pretty sure I'm gunna do a playthrough of the game later.


P.S. I also bought Box Office Bust which is the ninth game in the Leisure Suit Larry game and it fucking sucks! Seriously, it sucks ass so much! Activion-Blizzard just screwed up such a great game. I wish Al Lowe (the original creator) of the classics was involved, he's the whole reason he made such a great game because of the great humour!


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