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Tuesday, 7 April 2009

We're working on a new game

I've been playing more Leisure Suit Larry and I got the new one and it sucked!

Hey guys, I am currently working on my own fan-made game of a series that I loved so much.
I'm not gunna reveal too much but I can guarantee it's gunna be an awesome, epic and very funny game. It will be available to download for free via this website as soon as we complete the game.
The team and I think we should have everything wrapped up and done by the end of the year.

It's gunna be roughly a two-hour ride through the game and it's gunna be very entertaining.
The plot is ready, we just need to transform it into a script. The character models are all done, now we just need to create the environments and sounds then program the game. It isn't gunna be one of those official games, it''s made by an individual company. We hope to get this game done and completed.

I shall upload videos and images of our work and give more clues as to what game this is. We should have the game done very soon and we hope you guys support us by playing it when it's out!



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