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Friday, 25 March 2011

It's Friday Friday Friday....

So pretty much a year has gone by and I have made completely no attempt to update this shitty blog. Apologies.

It's just too much fuckin' effort to log-in and post meaningless posts (or rants) which at the end of the day is only read by myself (and perhaps JohnnyDFox as he enjoys reading crap such as this to improve his literary skills).

What has happened?
Nothing much. Trying to get ripped but failing a bit. I also started a new channel with a bunch of highschool mates. It's crazy to compare it to Machinima but you can think of it as a mini-Machinima. We hope to make it big. What's it called? Won't tell you until everything is set to launch.

My PC got blue screen of death about two months ago and I lost completely everything. From important photos (of naked women? What naked women?) to the months of coding I had came up with single-handedly to launch my UrbanGamers communal website. With no sort of luck, I lost all my work. But.... I do have the website backed up on one of those free server sites which I used for testing purposes. So if I'm lucky and still manage to remember my log-in details to the server, then maybe I could retrieve the coding (although not the most recent version).

Other than that, I'm bangin' out Call of Duty Black Ops and enjoying Minecraft (although the spiders in the game piss me off).

Hmm.... nothing else really. It was Johnny's birthday 4 days ago so happy birthday to him. As a present, go and torture him until he makes videos again.

There's a cool new MMORPG you should check out called Rift, so go play it. I'm saving up for Crysis 2 at the moment cause it seems to be the only GOOD first-person shooter that has been released in the last 6 months. Easily...

That's it. I won't finish off my Kick-Ass and South Park season review cause I can barely remember what happened in each episode and don't remember much about Kick-Ass (apart from the general outline of the film).


And by the way, it's Friday. Check this awesome song out *sarcasm*: