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Monday, 24 August 2009

I'm back folks!

Whoa, I haven't been bloggin' since April!
Now that I'm back, I've got some important shit to yell out!
UrbanGamers is a new channel of mine:
So if you have a YouTube account and would like to support me, please subscribe.

The best news is that I'm creating a website. It's probably gunna be the most largest database filled with hundreds of walkthroughs and guides on possibly every single game that can be found on every single console. On the whole, it's like a huge website in which you can simply click on a required guide and select from the numerous people who have submitted their videos and view them in top quality.

The website was originally completed a month ago before I left on vacation to India but now I am re-designing it a bit to match up with today's more modern style.

The database is a bit empty to be honest. Only about 30 guides but it should soon be filled with videos as soon as I get the submitting tool up.

If you'd like to contribute a guide, make sure you drop by to my website (of course when it's done) and then make an account on the built-in forum. Then simply submit yer good ol' videos to the website for free. Make sure your videos are hosted on one of the following websites:


The PWNorDIE player is under construction so don't be surprised if your videos are declined since they are hosted on PWNorDIE since it's merely a glitch on the site which will be soon cleared.

More crappy news to be posted in the nearby future!