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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Rayman 3 Completed

So....I've complete Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc
I started yesterday at about 4PM and kept playing till 10PM then went to go grab some nachos and had brief breaks in between. I did some other crap for the next 3 hours and returned to playing Hoodlum Havoc and took brief breaks when I needed a break. And now I have pretty much completed it. I did use some previous save files that I had ages ago to get passed the harder or boring sequences but nothing else.

I'm so knackered out that I'm gunna go get some sleep. Another thing is that I've been working on a new HTML coding which you should see fairly soon. My layout MIGHT change but I kinda like what I already have so maybe not. I'm making a PHP powered forum unfortunately not dedicated to gaming but a gaming site similar to StumpedGamer is gunna be created soon with the help of some other fellow games on YouTube.


Monday, 30 March 2009

So now what?

Hello dudes and dudettes.

I have been bored to death lately so I've been playing around with my website's HTML coding.
My well-known buddy, GTAComplete has recently just re-created a better and faster website with a PHP database which enables users to automatically stream videos via his site. How clever is that?
Best of all he's using my server to upload his CoD4 videos! I have helped someone at last!

Anyway, I've just completed Silent Hill 3 after years and years of difficulty. I never thought I'd complete it but whad'ya know....

And yes, I've got my PlayStation 3 with me and a couple of PS2 games so I might as well record a guide of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty and a walkthrough of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater if I possibly can during the easter holiday.

I've also started playing one of my favourite classics, Rayman 3 and I'm hooked to it completely.
So I might even do a playthrough of this awesome fan-tabulous game!

And of course I'm editing my website. I've learnt a great deal of HTML online in the past week so I should be crackin' off soon making a better website (and hopefully "cooler") one too.

Cooking With Derek Show is coming very soon. I shall teach my comrades how to cut tomatoes, I know it sounds sad but it's the only way for me to kill time and it might even entertain you since I'm not great at cooking and loads of stuff should go wrong, I assume.

As for my Blogger account, I have grew a very strong bond between it. I use it a lot now and I just dunno why but I actually care about my blog so much, in some cases it's much more important to me than my website itself. But anyway, more updates should be coming up.

Another thing is that I'm a crazy Leisure Suit Larry fan and should be doing a lot of LSL Magna Cum Laude UNCUT gaming and should hopefully upload some "awesome" images of gameplay. I might even create my own fan-blog called "Larry's Blog" very original and unique :P

But sure, I love Magna Cum Laude and should be doing some gaming.
I however cannot do a walkthrough of it since YouTube will most definitely remove the videos and maybe even suspend me. Not that I care but uploading them would be just a waste of time if they are gunna get removed. Therefore, I might consider uploading them to my website or even better, compress all the files into 100MB sized files instead and then upload to my Blog since Blogger gives a maximum of 100MB video space per cool is that!

And the videos should only be about 30MB long each but enough of that!
I gotta go now and have some nachos for dinner so see ya soon.


Saturday, 28 March 2009

No More Videos...for now

There's been crap going on lately and I hardly get time to game.
I also have no internet access due to my house being re-painted and crap.
Therefore my PC and other stuff are locked up in my toilet (a.k.a my bedroom)

But anyway, when I get the time I hook on my laptop to the net quickly to keep up to date with my friends and you guys.

I'll also be off on vacation from the 29th of March to 4th April so I'll try my best to get online and socialise otherwise I will return to my hobby on YouTube soon.

In the meantime I hope you guys keep watching my previous videos and leave discouraging comments.


P.S. No more photos in this post, I might update this blog with images of me on vacation.

Friday, 27 March 2009

The All-New "Cook With Derek" Show - COMING SOON!

Hey there guys.

I'm damn bored and well....I thought about making this series of videos in which I fail to cook stuff. I'm pretty tired of gaming and I also find it incredibly difficult to keep up to date with the online madness so I've decided to do something easier for me and hopefully even better for you guys. I should start making videos for this brand-new series as soon as I think of what to cook first. And of course, you can ask me what to cook too but I'm sure I won't do a great job of it :P

One more thing, I am not going to stop making walkthroughs, I repeat, I am NOT gunna stop!
I'm just gunna change to something else for a while and I'll continue with my walkthroughs soon.

Plus the holidays are a week away so I guess then is my best chance to game like hell so I'll probably upload a lot of crap.

Till then,

Thursday, 26 March 2009

GTA: Chinatown Wars Kicks Furry Butt

I just started playing this amazing game last week and have completely been hooked up to it.
I unfortunately can't do a walkthrough of it until Take2 permit so.

In the mean time I continue to upload some crappy 50 cent walkthroughs but the quality isn't all too great.

I've been editing the layout of this blog lately and I'm pretty pleased with it.

I shall upload my newly rendered videos either today or tomorrow.
I will however need to upload as much before this Sunday or I'm screwed, don't ask me why, you don't wanna know.

Okay, thanks. Plus here is my channel:


Wednesday, 25 March 2009

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

You haven't heard yet!?
Well here's the place to.
I've been so busy with exams and other crap that I hardly get time to game nower days and in fact, I doubt I'll ever get an oppurunity to game.

I'm those lazy freaks who spend their spare time watching X-rated DVDs rather than occupying that time recording video games.

I've just managed to upload the Opening scene to the new walkthrough I'm working on and I hope to get the next 2-3 parts uploaded tomorrow depending on how much of an a** my computer is.
My computer ain't those next-gen super-fast processing PCs so don't complain if I don't get the videos up by tomorrow.

No one really watches my videos anyway so I don't think I should have problems to face.


Welcome to my Blog of Shame!

I have just created a new blog to keep all my fans (and haters) updated with the latest news involving me. I call it the "Blog of shame" since I'm such a failure and this blog too is gunna be such a failure.

People keep asking me why I named it "DerekTheBastard"
One, I'm called Derek and two I'm a complete bastard or people say so (thought I didn't know Johnny n' Dex?)

Okay, time to go offline but I will constantly update my blog more than I ever will compared to my proper site which can be found here:

And that's it, see you everyone!