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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Let's Play: Leisure Suit Larry B.O.B

Since I have problems with my recording device which I use for consoles, I therefore cannot continue to upload any console videos however I do have some videos I previously recorded using Dazzle and should upload them in the future. I've contacted my mate to see if he could fix stuff up since he has more experience with it.

In the mean time I thought I should do a Let's Play on one of the crappest, most dissapointing video games of all time (where have you been? See previous posts for more details).

That's right, Leisure Suit Larry Box Office Bust is the only game I currently have installed on my PC which is compatible with Fraps so I might as well record that in the mean time....

So LSL: BOB it is :(


Friday, 10 April 2009

Metal Gear Solid 3 - Snake Eater/Subsistance

MGS3, what a game....
Just completed it after months and months of frustration...

Oh well, that's all folks!

Thank You,

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Capture Device Problems

Due to several issues with my recording capture card, I cannot continue with recording the next couple of ACTs from MGS4. Don't worry though, I've done the first ACT and a bit of the next ACT so will upload them in the mean time. I should have my capture device problem by then.

I have got the next hour of 50 cent: Blood on the Sand recorded so just need to edit and render then upload.

Okay, that's all.



Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Okay guys, I have been sitting down for the last 5 hours or so recording Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots non-stop, and I mean non-stop. I didn't even take a break, and now I'm so freakin' tired. I've got through the Act I completely and have now just edited the videos. I can't be arsed to render them and upload them right today but I will probably tomorrow.

As for my 50 Cent walkthrough, I have got most of the raw files on my PC but just need to upload them. I'll probably let 'em get uploaded overnight while I drink coffee and get down to playing the next few acts in MGS4. If you haven't heard, I'm trying to do as many walkthroughs before I leave, and I think I should do 12 complete guides and so far I've only completed one (Soul Punch) and I am close to completing 50 cent. Then I need to do MGS4 which should take me about a whole month, then I will continue uploading GTA III. As I complete that, I will move to Manhunt or Bully. And after that I should have other games planned, probably Resident Evil 5 or Killzone 2.


We're working on a new game

I've been playing more Leisure Suit Larry and I got the new one and it sucked!

Hey guys, I am currently working on my own fan-made game of a series that I loved so much.
I'm not gunna reveal too much but I can guarantee it's gunna be an awesome, epic and very funny game. It will be available to download for free via this website as soon as we complete the game.
The team and I think we should have everything wrapped up and done by the end of the year.

It's gunna be roughly a two-hour ride through the game and it's gunna be very entertaining.
The plot is ready, we just need to transform it into a script. The character models are all done, now we just need to create the environments and sounds then program the game. It isn't gunna be one of those official games, it''s made by an individual company. We hope to get this game done and completed.

I shall upload videos and images of our work and give more clues as to what game this is. We should have the game done very soon and we hope you guys support us by playing it when it's out!


Monday, 6 April 2009

Leisure Suit Larry Series!

Well I was cleaning up my attic and came across a selection of some old classics I enjoyed playing as a kid.

The Leisure Suit Larry series. All this time I only had the fifth one installed on my computer since first when I got the game in 2001 but the rest were up in my attic.

I came across the VGA remake of the first one and also Leisure Suit Larry 7 - Love for Sail! which was simply the best in the series.

I've completed the first game and it took me only about 2 hours. Now I'm going through the 7th game and only got through the first 10 minutes and just now saved the game to play later since I'm tired.

Okay, that's all and I'm pretty sure I'm gunna do a playthrough of the game later.


P.S. I also bought Box Office Bust which is the ninth game in the Leisure Suit Larry game and it fucking sucks! Seriously, it sucks ass so much! Activion-Blizzard just screwed up such a great game. I wish Al Lowe (the original creator) of the classics was involved, he's the whole reason he made such a great game because of the great humour!

Friday, 3 April 2009

Total Overdose - A Gunsliger's Tale in Mexico


I freakin' love it so bloody much!
It's a flippin' brilliant game and I just got it yesterday for a fiver. Got it on the XBOX and my sister's been yellin' at me for spending too long on it. I seriously think this game is awesome.
I've got through the first five or six missions and continue to play so. It's never been so fun to be a mexican.
What is the game about?
Well you play as this cool Mexican dude called Ramiro "Ram" Cruz who is a criminal but is later assigned to take the role of a DEA agent. It has a very Western feel to it and thats one of the reasons why this game looks so fresh and good.
I love thr graphics, they are so awesome. This game came out like in 2007 or something and it did well graphically. It looked so great when playing it and everything is damn-well textured especially on the XBOX version which I have it on.
So great...
It also has a real cool slow-motion thing to it to enter this bullet-time thingy where you can perform this combo thingies to get thingies. In other words you can walk across walls (OMFG! HOW REALISTIC!!!) and shoot the crap out of 'em bad guys.
Anyway, I also noticed the game has a very "rascist" style....oh well, I ain't Mexican so I don't care :P
I might later upload a gameplay video if I can.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

New Website!

Hey there guys!
You might've noticed I've added my Soul Punch videos to my website and it's set out in a new style.
I kinda have a few errors but hope to get it fixed soon when I'm not lazy but I am still working hard.

By creating a brand-new webiste.
Yep, I've been in partnership and association with a well known friend of mine called ISWalkthroughs and me and JohnnyDFox (my other mate) have agreed to create a similar site to except possibly better.

ISWalkthroughs runs on a PHP powered forum which enables all users to directly upload their videos from their PC to the server which then later gets transferred to the main site. The crew and I have still be looking for good solutions on how to get this site done in a good way.

The site is gunna launch in mid-April 2009 so that isn't that long but should be enough to get a well-designed and powerful site created.