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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Happy Birthday JohnnyDFox - Chicken Hunt

Hey guys,

Been playing a lot of Runescape today.
As most of my fans and haters might know, I was completely hooked to cutting down virtual trees and killing green midgets for two entire weeks (i.e. Runescape) about a few months ago and kept informing the fans of the legendary JohnnyDFox. Then I was distracted by a lot of work and ended up giving up on it.

Today, I was so bored and didn't know what to do with my time so decided to log-in to Runescape and go kill some more giant rats with AIDs. That said, I did but the awkward thing is that I played at around 3AM in the morning, so that is indeed, quite fucked up.

I started off doing basic stuff like fishing and killing goblins, then finishing off by looting stuff. I made about 400 coins of cash within 20 minutes. I then spent some time cutting down trees since its my favourite hobby on Runescape. I tried to cut the bigger trees but I had to be stronger in the tree-cutting field, so worked my way through the crappy trees, and still am.

Surprisingly, not many were online but I was quite surprised that there were a few retarded users with no lives at all. They were literally up in the morning cooking chicken. Damn. Why would I miss out on the fun? I decided to rant about how "no-lived" they were and then finally joined them all for a giant chicken hunt which basically involved 5 of the guys to go out into the woods (one of them were me), and cut as much wood as possible and then bring it back to the meeting point, then light it up with fire. The remaining five or six people were off to the local barns to kill some cross-eyed chickens. We cooked 'em all and ate it.

I decided to ditch them when I found out that they were gonna then go on a beef hunt. After all, Indians dont eat beef so fucked off somewhere else. I magically ended up running to a forest full of tramps, or what they were called as "wizards". I killed about 3 of them and got loads of EXP. I wasted more time ogling at some of the pixelized chicks. The one big mistake I made was start a conversation with a guy. I thought it was a woman and it turned out to be a man. Thats the problem with Runescape, a zoom-in function would be awesome. Unfortunately, the game lacks this feature unlike other popular MMORPGs such as World of Warcraft which is kick-ass.

I then went off to kill more goblins and steal the money they had. I then went to kill some giant spiders who had money on 'em. What the hell do spiders do with money? Buy drugs at the General store?

And by the way, its JohnnyDFox's birthday today so you better treat him good and say fucken "happy birthday" to him. And also give him some presents or else. This long post was my personal gift to Johnny. And the fact that I typed all of it at 3 in the morning shows my affection towards Johnny, the great one.